Getting back on the horse

A new year, a new attitude and Nikki made me write this. It’s only fair, I made her write four entries. When you think about it, I got off easy!

Since the last time I posted, I’ve traveled to Jordan for a wedding, Laura and Marcus visited, I moved to a new apartment, and my nemesis was fired from work.

OK. Done. That’s all I have for today.

Nah, I can’t cop out like that!

Recently I went to the Taiwanese embassy. Located on 42nd and 5th Ave, the Taiwanese embassy is housed in an interesting small building flanked by two high rises. I went with my mom on a snowy Tuesday morning
with impending BLIZZARD OF 2010. The fourth floor of the embassy was almost entirely empty. I filed my paperwork and sat in the lounge waiting for a fax to arrive from Taiwan. A incredibly talkative and somewhat inappropriate security guard from Guiana joked with everyone who came in.

After a half hour of sitting on these ridiculously uncomfortable plush benches, I stood up to stretch my legs. At at moment, an older couple came in from the elevator. The man walked towards the lounge chairs and the woman walked straight to the service window.

“Hey Mama, hold on a second!” yelled the security guard. “You need to take this ticket. Pappa, you can have a seat and be comfortable. Actually, give your money to Mamma and then sit down”.

The woman turned and walked towards the lounge where the ticket machine was located.

My mother began kicking my leg. She looked intently into my eyes and loudly whispered, “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?!!”

Yes, I do. That is the woman took part in wrecking my childhood. That is the woman who haunted my family even as recent as last year. She looked a lot older but her face is burned into my memory.

Bai was a Chinese Opera star in her youth. She tore my family apart and when my parents where in a business partnership with her and her husband, they stole tons of money from the business. When my parents threatened to expose them and call the police, they made a deal to sell my parents the business.

Last year when the State of New Jersey used imminent domain to steal the business from my family, Bai filed a lawsuit to try to get some of the compensation. She looked at the 20-year-old sales contract and found a small technicality. We went to court and the judge toss the suit out immediately. She didn’t have any claim, but that didn’t stop her from trying to capitalize on our tragedy.

And she was walking towards me. She had a beaming smile and skipped and hopped towards the lounge. “What a wonderful surprise!”, she says. “Wow, the last time I saw you, you were a chubby little kid. And now look at you, such a handsome adult”. “How is your father? Not well, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers quickly”.

She still got it. She should have continued as an actress because she is damn good at her craft.

Today I thank: Nikki for getting me to write, Jack ( punembook might become a reality), LB, Lux, and my mom who left for Taiwan tonight.