Learn to fly

One thing that I’ve wanted to do was to fly a simulator. I don’t have any desire to fly an actual plane, but just to learn how it works.

I purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator X and a Saitek Yolk System.

Here are some annoying things

1) Not enough USB ports on my computer. I’ve resorted to a tiny keyboard/touch pad combo. The game tutorial talks about using the keyboard numberpad which I dont have. Luckily the saitek yolk has at least some of the controls ( view left, right, back ) on the stick.

2) No manual or any reference for the saitek yolk’s buttons. This sucks. I need to discover what each of the buttons do.

3) Graphics suck. Boy its bad. holy crap its bad. $30 spent and I want to go buy X-Plane.


What am I missing?

Here are some thoughts and I’ll use this to track my progress.


  • Plants. I was at the Royal Botanical Gardens in London recently and found myself unable to identify any plants.
  • Music. I must get to a point in my piano playing so that I can play a song.
  • Learn another language.
  • Dance. I suck at this. Its embarrassing.
  • Sew. I’m discovering that learning to use a sewing machine can make life easier.