Be brave

This is a reminder:

I know what I want. Although I’m willing to compromise, the result must be one that remains true to me. It’s not a demand but a request. Not everyone can accept my terms but I must make my intentions clear. Otherwise its not fair to others when I rebel.

If I fall, I will get up and try again. I’ve fallen plenty of times in the past but this time instead of feeling sorry for myself, I will dust off and hop up. Everyday is precious. Don’t waste another day on pity.

I know I’m worth it. If others are not willing to take a chance on me, its not a reflection of me. There is a difference between confidence and narcissism. Confidence is attractive.

I’m willing to put it all on the line. No risk, no reward.

I’ll read this again later today
and every day.

Whats my challenge?

“What’s your challenge this year Chuck?” Dave asked.

“I dunno.”

Every year I pick a challenge. In the past years it has been: tennis, record a song,  do 1000 situps, 20 pull-ups in a row ( got to 19 ), triathlon. I can follow this tradition back to high school when I climbed all the high peaks of the Adirondacks in 10 days but I have nothing for this year. It’s been a tough year just to keep my head above water.

Now its June and I have yet to pick my challenge.

I want to say that my challenge this year is to find the right girl. But that’s not appropriate. Finding the right partner is not a challenge I can complete on my own. Imagine watching a field of firebugs. They fly around aimlessly, attracting each other with their blinking lights. It’s not one seeking out the other, but the chance encounter that brings two firebugs together in the night.

So the challenge this year: To love myself. Thats all. This year, I am impervious to criticism. I will no longer perform for an audience of many, but to an empty theater. At the end of every performance I will imagine the standing ovation. Because I am my biggest fan, and I’m already standing.


My first performance is a re-run. I wrote this many years ago for a distant someone. Today I perform it for the last time.


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.27.48 PM

Today I thank Brenda for inspiring me to be better to myself.