Racism Part 2

Yesterday someone sent me an email after reading my blog entry.

Jen R— [email protected] via smtp.com

Mar 18 (1 day ago)

to me
Hi Chuck,

While searching for resources about racism, I came across your site and saw that you had talked about the topic. I wanted reach out with a graphic about the absence of minorities in today’s booming tech industry, which I think would be a great fit for your site. Would you be interested in taking a look?

Thanks in advance,



Jen R— [email protected]

2:24 PM (8 hours ago)

to me
Hi Chuck,

The graphic I was referring to lives here: http://www.onlineitdegree.net/is-tech-racist/

I think your readers will enjoy it, so feel free to share it and let me know if you do! I’d love to get your thoughts as well.

Thanks again,




Here is my response to her:

Hey Jen
I looked at the graphic and being a minority in tech for the last 18
years, I could not disagree with you more.

I would agree that there is an alarming skew as to the racial
breakdown of minorities in tech, I would love nothing more than to see
that skew changed. However, from my personal observation and
experience, that skew is not due to racism.

If anything, my experience is that tech industry is the least racially
biased. Computer’s don’t care what your race is, it either works or it
doesn’t. Job performance is always very clear cut in the tech world,
either your code works or it doesn’t.

In my near 20 years as a software developer, I’ve only worked with 3
black developers. Out of the 3, only one was a really sharp developer
and I’ve had the pleasure to work with him in two separate companies.
Out of hundreds of developers I’ve worked with or have known, ONLY
THREE are black. This is both in corporations, academia, and interest

The reason you don’t see many minorities in tech is the same as the
reason you don’t see minorities in professional classical music.
Getting into tech is like getting into classical music, you start
learning when you are young. By the time you reach college, you have
to already be quite accomplished as a techie, just as you would have
to master your musical instrument BEFORE you apply for music school.

Its not that tech companies are biased against minorities. I’ve been
involved in several companies that have mandated hiring policies to
strongly attract minorities. In all my experience, it has not been a
bias against, but that there simply were not enough and sometimes not
any candidates.

The problem with minorities in tech is really that there aren’t enough
encouragement for minority children to be interested in tech.
Computer’s aren’t as cool as sports. Parents will go to football
games, but would not participate in hackathons.

I glad you see that there is some sort of problem with minorities in
tech, but I don’t agree with your assessment that racism is the

Dr Detroit

I loved this movie. I remember watching it as a child. It stars Dan Ackroyd as a professor turned pimp. It’s a silly movie with a dance number to close out the movie. James Brown is in it. If you haven’t seen this, run don’t walk, to Blockbuster’s. I think I liked it for all the big haired hookers. And of course, Dan Ackroyd was amazing as a pimp with a metal hand.

Geeking away


Spent the day with McLovin’. He’s a really cool dog despite peeing on my leg today. The idiot raised his leg and peed on me. He’s also got the problem of not being able to shit outdoors.

Caesar Milan, we need help.

I’m figuring out the mirror cube. Back to basics and follow the steps.

1) Do the cross. I stopped doing the cross on the color cubes since I have been able to do both cross and corners together to save time. Can’t do that on the mirror cube. The small differences in thickness is too difficult to eyeball.

2) Swapping bottom row corners. I can’t eyeball all 4 corners to find the most efficient way to swap the corners anymore. Do two at a time.

3) Take my time doing the bottom cross. The extra 5 seconds of staring is totally worth it.

I’m down to about 3 minutes consistently now. Probably wont get much faster.

WTF is that?


Gina: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLdQ3UhLoD4
Gina: Lorises, actually
chucklin72: WTF
chucklin72: what kind of rat is that
Gina: It’s a slow loris
chucklin72: probably smell like pee
Gina: well, it is a lower primate
Gina: But it’s too slow to throw poo at you
chucklin72: is it even a legal pet?
Gina: Nope
Gina: Not even in the country wherethats filmed, I reckon
chucklin72: i bet late at night as you sleep, it climbs on  your head and eat your eyes
Gina: awwww, it’s all cuddly.
Gina: I think it’s an herbivore
chucklin72: until it sucks the fluids out of your eye ball and you’re left with an empty socket
Gina: wear goggles
Gina: Not an exotic pet fan Chuck?
chucklin72: not for pets… for BBQ, definitely
chucklin72: i’ll eat anything on a stick
Gina: This is a prime example on the differences between men and women
Gina: Women think it’s cute and want one, you worry it will suck your eyes out and want to roast it on a spit

Who says I can’t get stoned

Texas de Brazil in Ft. Lauderdale

Tomorrow a group of us are going to Plataforma, a churrascaria in Manhattan. I can’t stop thinking about the delicious skewers of meat. Health be damned, you gotta live once in a while.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I decided to learn “Who Says” by John Mayer. I went to see Mayer’s concert at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago. And although I’m a big fan, I had not listened to the album much before the show. I had felt that each album since Room for Squares progressively gotten more overproduced. It was no longer John Mayer, the singer/guitar player bearing his soul but the commercial entity that employed a big production. He’s has gone Hollywood.

Toward the end of the show, he played “Who Says”. The opening verse is: “Who says I can’t get stoned, turn off the lights and the telephone. Me in my house alone, who says I can’t get stoned.”

I’m not much of a recreational drug user, it’s certainly been many years since I had done any of the sort. I was intrigued by the lyric and instantly hooked.

The song is not about drug use. It’s about freedom. Freedom to make your own rules, to make your own mistakes. It has been a very long night in New York City, and certainly a long time since 20 too. But I do remember you.

John Mayer – “Who Says” Lyrics

Who says I can’t get stoned?
Turn off the lights and the telephone
Me and my house alone
Who says I can’t get stoned?

Who says I can’t be free?
From all of the things that I used to be
Re-write my history
Who says I can’t be free?

It’s been a long night in New York City
It’s been a long night in Baton Rouge
I don’t remember you looking any better
But then again I don’t remember you

Who says I can’t get stoned?
Call up a girl that I used to know
Fake love for an hour or so
Who says I can’t get stoned?

Who says I can’t take time?
Meet all the girls on the county line
Then wait on fate to send a sign
Who says I can’t take time?

It’s been a long night in New York City
It’s been a long night in Austin too
I don’t remember you looking any better
But then again I don’t remember you

Who says I can’t get stoned?
Plan a trip to Japan alone
Doesn’t matter if I even go
Who says I can’t get stoned?

It’s been a long night in New York City
It’s been a long time since 20 too
I don’t remember you looking any better
But then again I don’t remember you